Religion: The Zen Mind

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  • B_Young

    B_Young said 1 year, 10 months ago


    This documentary talks about the basis and history of Zen Buddhism and the social and cultural aspects that arise from Zen Buddhism. Zen Buddhism is very similar to traditional Buddhism where you can reach enlightenment and spiritual understanding through the method of meditation.

    Buddhist monks and nuns traditionally and modernly live a very simplistic form of life. All this can be achieved through the process of concentration, something that is very hard to master. Zen Buddhism differs from traditional Buddhism by how it affects society. From architecture like the way Japanese rooms are designed to martial arts where body and mind must be one, Zen Buddhism is more than just a religion, but a culture. The interesting part of the documentary is when it talks about how Zen Buddhism is not only applicable to Buddhists but also to other religions as well, it is something more than religion. Zazen teaches discipline so that the most peaceful state of mind can be reached and no other outside "forces" can distract the person.

    Personally, I believe that Zen Buddhism is not necessarily the lifestyle but the mindset that people need to strive for. We are living in a world with so much stress and violence that sometimes we don't even think about taking a break or spending time with our friends and family. Zen Buddhism is a great way to put one's mind at peace. Japan has the healthiest and oldest people living there, and Zen Buddhism might be the reason why they are able to live so long and healthy life.

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