Religion: In God We Teach

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  • MichaelX

    MichaelX said 1 year, 10 months ago


    'In God We Teach', a documentary by Vic Losick, highlights the controversy surrounding the topic of religion in the classroom. In Kearny, NJ, a student named Matthew LeClair took it to himself to try and "clean up the issue", by recording the teacher, Mr. Paszkiewicz's, talk on Christianity, and about being in hell or not depending on the students' faith. Both sides have their legitimate arguments, and use them to try and defend themselves. At the end, however, it is deemed that religion shouldn't be discussed about at all in Kearny High School. But what are the implications nationwide of this...?

    I thought that this documentary highlighted some major flaws within our (the American) education system, particularly about the separation of sciences and religion (e.g. evolutionist vs. creationist). This film does not focus on entertainment, but rather, focuses on informing the public of this controversial issue (in a fair way). Although monotonous and rather uncomfortable to watch at times (Paszkiewicz's religious views are too strong for me), this film had my attention throughout its whole montage, and I enjoyed it very much.

    Religion, obviously, has a major seat in this documentary. Many teachers and students alike are religiously Christian in America, and therefore, some think that because they are the majority, everyone should be Christian. However, laws, and the Constitution itself clearly define "the separation of church and state", and say so to defend the rights of the minority groups. America, the most religious Western country on the world, has reverberated as a result of this case in Kearny. Many religious students and teachers, and right-wing media houses have supported Paszkiewicz, while others and more liberal people have supported LeClair. But the reason behind the controversy isn't Paszkiewicz or LeClair; its about religion in school.

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